SkyCell’s Unique Door-to-Door Enabling Process

Customer feedback and industry studies have shown us that the need to reload a container at an airport significantly increases the risk of product theft and temperature excursions.

This is why we enable door-to-door processes, which can be used by any pharma company and their freight forwarders. Using SkyCell containers eliminates the need to reload at airports and the goods go straight through to the customers’ warehouse and to the distributors. At the end of the trip, SkyCell is notified as usual and organizes the reverse logistics.

Door-to-door processes offer significant added value to customers who ship valuable temperature-sensitive goods to major and emerging markets. We are rapidly expanding the list of countries where we can offer door-to-door enabled processes.”

Our Services

Safety from door-to-door


Transport Planning

With the ­online Transport Planner you‘re able to simulate the door-to-door shipment in advance. This helps you to plan the shipment and to be aware of the potential risks during the trip (long customs, flight delays) and to mitigate them.



SkyCell has a ready-to-use and just-in-time delivery service. ­SkyCell delivers the container in the desired temperature range. The customer simply has to load the pharma goods into the container.



The shipments are organized by the customer‘s freight forwarder. SkyCell Containers are specially designed and optimised for the whole logistics chain.


Lane Implementation

SkyCell helps customers and freight forwarders with the lane setup process and takes care of the Lane Implementation of the container at the import airport.


Successful Delivery

All of SkyCell’s products and services are designed to enable successful deliveries to even the most challenging destinations – undamaged and without temperature deviation.


Reverse Logistics

Reverse logistics are always included as a part of SkyCell‘s service. Once offloading is completed, the customer informs SkyCell, who then collects the container.

Delivery Options

  • Just in time – delivered quality-checked, pre-conditioned, ready-to-use
  • Onsite consignment stock – with a frame agreement and a specific number of containers at your disposal. Rental starts when containers are removed from the consignment stock, giving customers the possibility to react to very short demand spikes. Containers are delivered quality-checked, pre-conditioned and ready to use. The temperature is monitored jointly by SkyCell and the customers or their freight forwarders.

Value-Added Services

SkyCell rounds off the services it provides with the following options:

  • Training for employees or freight forwarders
  • Custom rental agreements, incl. additional days
  • Customised solutions, incl. round trips
  • Product launches (large number of containers, incl. additional time, etc.)