SkyCell is first airfreight container provider to accept payments in cryptocurrencies

SkyCell is adding to its SkyCellent service by accepting cryptocurrencies as a new way of payment, enabling its customers to settle their invoice in  BTC or ETH, as well as EUR, USD and CHF. Being the world’s first container provider in airfreight to accept Bitcoin and Ether, SkyCell once again proved its credentials as an innovation and thought leader in the industry.

Our client’s benefits when paying in cryptocurrencies:

  • Minimizing the effects of fluctuating exchange rates due to long transaction times: convert the invoice into cryptocurrencies at the moment of payment and 10-12 minutes later the transaction is completed. We plan to convert back to CHF as soon as we receive your payment.
  • Reduced costs compared to traditional payment methods (banking fees), i.e. for payments from India or China.
  • When paying your invoice within 10 days and in cryptocurrencies, SkyCell will grant a discount of 2% on the invoice amount.

“From our experience within pharma logistics, we are aware of the difficulties which payments processes can pose to clients. Often, banking fees can account for up to 5% of the invoice value, with traditional transfers taking up to 90 days. This means that payments are very costly both financially and in terms of efficiency. By settling invoices through cryptocurrencies, the payment process is reduced to a few minutes and third-party handling fees are minimized.” Richard Ettl, CEO.

For SkyCell, accepting payments in cryptocurrencies is the first step in automatizing the payments process, and complements our long-term vision of providing fully autonomous containers of the future, which will administer themselves entirely based on smart contract technology on the blockchain.

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