Frequently asked questions around SkyCell services during the COVID-19 pandemic

20th March 2020

The situation around the COVID-19 pandemic confronts us all with multiple challenges that need to be addressed in order to maintain a high performance level. SkyCell’s priority is to ensure container availability to make sure the lifesaving medicine is reaching patients in need.

Please find below the FAQ’s on SkyCell’s operations during the COVID-19 pandemic and our measures to support our clients in this time.

How is SkyCell maintaining business continuity in this crisis?

Our team continues to work at top speed. All our service centers are fully operational and offer an annual capacity of 22’000 pallets to make every shipment happen. We are in constant contact with the various teams, clients, service centres and partners. This ensures that we can react quickly if any issues arise. If you have urgent business, we will ensure that the containers will be at your door within 72 hours of order placement. Further, our SkyCell client service team is happy to support you on all matters.

What happens if I have issues returning a leased container? Will SkyCell waive fees?

It is our aim is to minimize the operational and financial impact on your supply chain by honouring all agreed base rental fees. Due to the force majeure situation, however, SkyCell’s delivery and drop off fees will have to follow the promptly changing market prices and will be subject to change until the lease is closed. Please be assured that we will  do our utmost to avoid unnecessary costs.

Do country lockdowns affect the container supply?

In the last months SkyCell has invested heavily in its supply chain and fleet extension. At the moment SkyCell has an annual capacity of 22’000 pallets, growing monthly. Therefore a container shortage is not an issue and should not be one for our clients.

How are SkyCell containers cleaned?

The containers have always been and will continue to be thoroughly cleaned between each shipment with medical grade disinfectant. This guarantees a maximum level of safety in this situation.

What internal precautions has SkyCell taken?

SkyCell Offices

As of March 13th, all SkyCell employees have been asked to work from home for the time being. This has been put in place to avoid any cross contamination between personnel. At this time, we cannot report a single case of Covid-19 within the SkyCell family.


SkyCell employees have been advised not to travel unnecessarily at the moment. Personnel who have been abroad during this time have been asked to stay at home for self-quarantine for two weeks .

Can SkyCell containers be transported by freighters or military aircrafts?

Yes, our containers can be used for door-to-door deliveries without cumbersome unloading of the containers at the airport, thus enabling a seamless cold chain. Furthermore no additional training of ground handlers or operators are required, so even the military aircrafts can carry them. The hybrid SkyCell containers are designed to perform under any environmental condition and have an independent runtime of +160h. Placed in a cooling chamber or reefer truck, the container recharges automatically, enabling longer shipment times, if required. Crises such as the current COVID-19 leave no room for mistakes in the delivery of life-saving medicines, for this reason SkyCell designed software to simulate a shipment. The SkyCell transport planner allows you to simulate any given lane before conducting an actual shipment, helping to understand the risks and define solutions on how to mitigate them at an early stage.


What containers does SkyCell offer to transport pharmaceuticals safely to patients in need?

We offer our hybrid container in two sizes (1 EU/US-pallet and 2 EU-pallets) and two temperature ranges (chilled and controlled room temperature). All our containers are GDP certified and need no other qualifications to be carried out by our clients, if they don’t see the need. In addition to our intuitive technology, fast implementation process and market leading performance of less than 0.1% temperature deviations set a new industry standard.


  • Fits 1 EU/1 US Pallet
  • Temperature: +2° to +8°C
  • Useable volume: 1.53 m³



  • Fits 1 EU/1 US Pallet
  • Temperature: +15° to +25°C
  • Useable volume: 1.53 m³



  • Fits 2 EU Pallet
  • Temperature: +2° to +8°C
  • Useable volume: 2.5 m³



  • Fits 2 EU Pallet
  • Temperature: +15° to +25°C
  • Useable volume: 2.5 m³


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Stay safe and healthy!

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