More Availability, More Flexibility

Supply chain and logistics departments are currently experiencing an increase in demand uncertainty due to postponements and last minute orders.

At SkyCell we give our customers the option of having just-in-time delivery or a consignment stock, where a number of containers are held in storage, always ready to go. The lease starts when the containers are taken from the consignment stock. Using SkyCell Temperature Sensors, we can monitor the quality and stock levels jointly with our customers, ensuring the ideal quantity and quality.

SkyCell currently has more than 500 containers in its fleet and can build up to 200 new containers per month if there is a significant spike in demand.

This large fleet enables us to support product launches, where we supply the required quantity of containers ahead of time, as well as allowing us to create specific launch packages, inclusive of additional days, in the event that customers require additional time for clearing customs, for example.

If a customer has an urgent delivery or a product launch, problems with container availability are now a thing of the past!


For more Information please contact our emerging markets experts sales@skycell.ch