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SkyCell and EGA Solutions

SkyCell just signed an important logistics cooperation with EGA Group in Brazil.

An important and efficient step forward due to the following relevant facts:

  • about 50% of the vaccines produced worldwide reaches its destination deteriorated
  • the new solution offers the reverse logistics of containers without additional workload

During the 22nd edition of Intermodal South America at São Paulo on April, 2016 the EGA Group and SkyCell Switzerland, signed an important agreement of exclusivity in Brazil.

The EGA Group, a Brazilian company with expertise in the management of storage services and cargo handling, will be responsible for leasing and distribution of SkyCell ecofriendly pharma containers best-in-class cooling technology used for transport products that require an unbroken cold chain.

The partnership aims to offer logistics solutions, exclusive and dedicated especially for pharmaceutical logistics, reducing costs in door-to-door shipments, ensuring quality without any environmental impact in controlling the product temperature”, said Eduardo Assumpção, president of EGA Group.

According to estimates by the World Health Organization (WHO) about 50% of the vaccines produced worldwide reaches its destination deteriorated. The biggest flaw in the cold chain involving these products is exactly the difficulty of keeping the temperature control (40%), compromising the quality of the product and causing possible health risks. In emerging markets the problem is accentuated due to weather conditions, delay in   customs clearance and inadequate logistics infrastructure for these products, especially pharmaceuticals.

The SkyCell solution for the Brazilian market looks into every step of the logistics process for a simple and effective implementation without additional task to the customer by including the reverse logistics of containers.

According to Bernhard Baertschi, Head Global Sales, the goal of the Swiss company is to achieve a market share of 50% in Brazil over the next two years, so it maintains a service center in São Paulo, made possible by the partnership with the EGA Group, with containers ready to use and technical staff to support all operations.