From Brazil to Singapore

Each month we share a challenging shipment with the goal to share best practices and advance our industry’s competence in supplying life saving treatments globally.

This edition illustrates a 12-day delivery of a 2°C-8°C shipment from extremely high ambient temperatures in Brazil through Qatar and onto its final destination of Singapore.

A full temperature data graph is included. Click here to view the full case study.

The key challenge when shipping to emerging markets and hard to reach destinations is that of defining effective business strategies for each different market segment and the appropriate time lines. By failing to do this, organisations are at risk of loss of both revenue and confidence.

SkyCell decided to put a strong focus on building robust supply chain infrastructure in various emerging markets. We have setup door-to-door processes in all of Latin America, large parts of the Middle East, as shown in this case study, and Asia. We assist in analysing the supply chain setup, identifying the pain points, creating joint solutions and help to implement them. Through this process we have eliminated temperature excursions for our customers and help to achieve significant improvement in service level and cost savings.

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