Shift in Technologies

“Pharma products are becoming more powerful, more sensitive and more valuable, which means that we need to significantly step up our efforts to protect these life-saving products.”

Pharma products are becoming more and more high-tech and are being used to treat more diseases than ever before. We are currently witnessing a significant increase in the number of biologics and biosimilars being derived from biological material. These materials tend to be highly sensitive to temperature exposure and require strict temperature control throughout the supply chain.

We are also seeing a significant increase in the number of treatments for rare diseases that are both difficult to manufacture and not always readily available if a product loss occurs.

SkyCell is making a major contribution to the successful distribution of these life-saving and rare products by providing a temperature-controlled, door-to-door supply chain. It is SkyCell’s mission to supply the safest door-to-door pharma containers – worldwide.

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