SkyCell provides Peace of Mind with new Insurance Offering

Being the safest pharma container is not enough.
SkyCell expands its SkyCellent services with a new additional offering:

To date, product loss liability is systematically ruled out by pharma supply chain providers. Not with SkyCell: As the first container provider, we allow our clients to eliminate the risk of product loss with our worldwide unique Peace of Mind Insurance add-on.

How does it work?
SkyCell offers you the exclusive opportunity to upgrade your container lease with the Peace of Mind Insurance as an additional service. Included in the Peace of Mind Insurance is the coverage of up to € 4 million product value per container against product damage due to temperature deviations during transport. This offer is also available in Swiss francs or US dollars.

Just add the Peace of Mind Insurance to your container booking and we will manage the rest.

20190304_Insurance_k2What are your benefits?

The insurance allows you to protect your pharmaceuticals against the minor risk of product loss due to temperature deviations and therefore offers you a temperature performance guarantee.
The financial risk of product loss is thus eliminated and your general insurance costs will be reduced.

How does SkyCell make it happen?

Safety and quality are our top priorities. Therefore, we stress the importance of the impeccable and proven track record of our shipments. This is achieved by conducting lane risk analysis (using the SkyCell Transport Planner), lane SOPs with all parties and the reliability of our cutting-edge container technology. This enables us to offer the industry’s first insurance for temperature performance backed by one of the largest commercial insurance companies in the world.

Would you like to know more about our new insurance offering? The next opportunity to meet SkyCell’s cool chain experts and even cooler containers is already upon us! SkyCell will be exhibiting at LogiPharma from the 9th to the 11th of April in Montreux. We are looking forward to meeting you at our booth or at the SkyCell Lounge.


Shipment of the Month: Rome to Seoul

The continuous expansion of SkyCell’s partner network allows us to meet the increasing demand for temperature-controlled containers in the Asia-Pacific region. Recently, SkyCell recorded particularly high shipment volumes to China and South Korea. Discover the latest results for our last shipment to South Korea:
  • Month: March
  • Route: Rome to Seoul
  • Temperature range: +2° to +8°C

The temperature-sensitive vaccines were shipped from the moderate spring temperatures in Italy with 10plus degrees Celsius to the Korean spring weather between 10 to 16 degrees Celsius.


The graphic shows the temperature readout of the shipment

Take a look at the SkyCell Temperature Tracking System: the temperature inside the container stays at a constant 5°C (blue line) meanwhile the ambient temperature (red line) varies between +2° to +15°C.

Now let’s analyze the CO2 footprint:

A regular transport of one US pallet with a commonly used container would have produced 27.2 tons of CO2 emissions.

According to the independent analysis conducted by the renowned and global myclimate organization, SkyCell containers save 10.53 tonnes of CO per US pallet on this trip compared with commonly used solutions.

Commonly used solution: 755kg volumetric weight incl. cargo, SkyCell 1500 incl. cargo 635kg.

To help grasp how much 10’530 kg of CO2 are: it is equivalent to the emissions of one car driving 72’000 km, almost twice around the globe.