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Luxembourg / Zurich

SkyCell is excited to announce a partnership agreement with Luxembourg-based airline Cargolux, the largest all-cargo carrier in the pharmaceutical sector.
The partnership will provide a number of benefits for both Cargolux and SkyCell’s clients:

  • Cargolux will be able to serve more destinations around the globe thanks to SkyCell’s fleet of 160-hour containers
  • The significantly lower weight of SkyCell containers will reduce total shipping costs for the pharma industry
  • SkyCell’s lightweight, 100% recyclable containers will help to reduce carbon emissions

“As the largest all-cargo carrier in the world, Cargolux is an outstanding partner for SkyCell. Stavros and the CV team are doing exceptional solution-driven work for pharmaceutical and freight forwarders all over the world. Skycell’s latest container fleet means that CV can now expand its pharmaceutical operations to more destinations, and eventually the whole network.”

Richard Ettl, CEO of SkyCell

Benefits for Cargolux customers:
One-way and round-trip airline lease of pallet SkyCell container types:

  • Higher performance than active containers (160 hours of stored energy) for
    • 2°C to 8°C and 15°C to 25°C shipments
    • 1 EUR / 1 US PAL (SkyCell 1500)
    • 2 EUR PAL containers (SkyCell 2500)
  • Cost savings (lighter than electric RKNs)
  • CO2 emissions reduced by 20% to 51% depending on model (lighter than electric RKNs)
  • No dry ice – fully autonomous performance for 160 hours
  • Lane qualification made easy through SkyCell’s online transport planner –www.skycell.ch/SCTP
  • Validation through SkyCell’s quality documents
  • Delivered ready to use

More product details: www.skycell.ch/products


“The ‘hybrid’ function of the SkyCell containers compensates for the issues we encounter at destinations where the facilities cannot accommodate pharma shipments that require stringent temperature segregations.”

Stavros Evangelakakus, Global Healthcare, member of Keep Cool team

About Cargolux Airlines International
Cargolux, based in Luxembourg, is Europe’s leading all-cargo airline with a fleet comprising Boeing 747-8 and 747-400 freighters. The Cargolux worldwide network covers 90 destinations, some 70 of which are served on scheduled all-cargo flights. The company has more than 85 offices in over 50 countries, and operates an extensive global trucking network to more than 250 destinations as well as full and part-charter services. Cargolux is also specialized in B747 line and hangar maintenance up to and including C checks. The Cargolux Group employs close to 1,900 staff worldwide.

About SkyCell AG – Pharma Containers. Worldwide.
SkyCell is a Swiss technology company focusing on supplying the safest pharmaceutical containers worldwide. Twelve of the top 20 pharma customers have tested and verified SkyCell as the best-performing  solution on the market, with less than 0.3% temperature deviations in the first three years of operation (compared to the market average of 8.5%). SkyCell containers are used to transport some of the most temperature-sensitive and high-value healthcare products in the world while reducing the carbon footprint by 20-50%.  SkyCell leads the way in this technology and holds the most patents in the pharmaceutical container industry. It is planning to launch more sizes on the market and is also working to meet the increasing demand for direct-to-patient deliveries.


FLTR, Christoph Schneider, SkyCell Head of Operations,
Richard Ettl, SkyCell CEO,
David Dubois, Head of Global ULD Services, Cargolux Airlines,
Stavros Evangelakais, Global Product Manager, Cargolux Airlines and Chairman of Cool Chain Association