Case Study/Longest Trip

Longest Trip to Date: Switzerland to Sao Paulo, Brazil
In April 2014, SkyCell successfully made its longest shipment – 30 days door to door. The container was delayed at Guarulhos airport and was stored at customs for almost a month due to paperwork issues. At the time of delivery, the container had an internal temperature of +4.4°C and had stayed between +2° and +8°C throughout the whole trip.
This outstanding performance was made possible by SkyCell’s unique auto-recharge cooling technology, online temperature monitoring and defined SkyCell SOPs on all lanes into Brazil.
Unfortunately, delays like this can happen within the transportation chain at any time. It is reassuring to know that you can rely on SkyCell’s performance under these circumstances.

Case Study – SkyCell used in EU – Brazil shipments
A case study to show the approach that SkyCell took to help solve one of their customer’s key challenges: shipping highly sensitive +2°C to +8°C products to Brazil, while achieving a reliable and stable end-to-end process, live temperature surveillance at customs and the bonded warehouse and total cost reductions.


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