Logipharma Montreux 2016 – Review

Our CEO, Richard Ettl, has written a review of the event, how it impacts the industry and what the key points of discussion were over the week.

“We returned to LogiPharma this April for the fourth year in a row, it’s hard to resist when set against the beautiful backdrop of Montreaux in Switzerland! Of course, the meeting has also become a critical one for us over the years.

Not only Is this an event where Europe’s senior supply chain leaders meet and discuss priorities but there has also been significant development year on year. For instance, cool chain, security and other supply chain aspects have moved to the top tier of the agenda, also at the senior supply chain executive level. In addition, LogiPharma has expanded quickly (not only on the exhibitor side as with other conferences!).

However, what sets this conference apart from the many others I have attended is the quality of workshops and the people.

Our industry is changing and the discussions that occurred throughout the week allowed us to spot two great opportunities where the SkyCell range of containers can solve recurring challenges for the industry. Firstly, I feel we are able to improve the shipping experience through establishing our door-to-door concept, where containers travel from factory to any destination. During this process, SkyCell enables the import process and is responsible for the reverse logistics, which now reaches to more than 70 destinations, eliminating drop off stations.

Secondly, we saw the opportunity in becoming a problem solver for emerging markets – everyone talks about it and we do it! We have expertise in over 70 countries with regions such as Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Russia, India being the most challenging four our customers.

I think it’s important to contribute to an event programme and not just be stationed in the exhibition hall. So at the LogiPharma meeting, SkyCell contributed in two ways, this is what we discovered:

  • Co-hosting a round table on door-to-door shipments to India together with Robert-Jan van den Boos from Amgen
    • In the discussion, we saw that actually customs clearance to India is quite fast for everybody, however there is an “INCOTERM” challenge, as the communication between the stakeholders is the weakest link
    • Again it was mentioned how important it is to have detailed SOPs in place and work with people that are experts in their field
  • We also had an extremely well attended speech on “temperature control regulation in sub-Saharan Africa.” from Bernhard Baertschi, our Head of Sales & Marketing discussing:
    • Infrastructure
    • Obscure processes and how to make them transparent
    • The lack of skilled workers in emerging and challenging markets
    • Extreme temperatures

Lastly, I would like to mention that it was the highest honour that many of our customers started to speak up about SkyCell and recommend our solutions and customer-oriented service to their peers publicly. Thank you for this high recognition!”

There is only one thing left to say: until next year!

Richard Ettl

CEO, SkyCell


Visitors at LogiPharma Montreux 2016 with SkyCell CEO Richard Ettl