About SkyCell

Board of Directors

Nico Ros
Chairman of the Board, Cofounder SkyCell AG

Civil engineer, Cofounder of ZPF Ing AG a high end Engineering Company focused on complex structures such as pharma production facilities, hospitals, museums and high rise buildings
BA in Management

Sigi Föhn
Member of the Board
Owner of Peak Consulting
Previously part of the Management Team of Rieter China & Hilti USA

Selection of Members of Management Team

Richard Ettl
CEO | Cofounder | SkyCell AG
Previously worked on the restructuring team of a multinational manufacturing company in the Swiss packaging industry
BA in Management

Andreas Ernst
CFO | SkyCell AG
Previously CFO of Unitpool, Zurich
Several years of international experience in the air transport industry (asset pooling)
BA in Applied Sciences

Nico Ros
CTO | Cofounder | SkyCell AG
Civil engineer, Cofounder of ZPF Ing AG
BA in Management

SkyCell Story

SkyCell has become an award-winning provider of temperature-controlled container solutions with a special focus on emerging markets and sustainability and with one overriding goal: producing the safest container on the market.

Nico Ros and Richard Ettl, the founders of SkyCell, believe that the long-term goal is to enable the shipment of a single dose of customised medication from the manufacturing site directly to the patient – and always at a controlled temperature.

Everything started with an idea for a new type of high-end insulation technology, which would be best in class in terms of insulation properties, would have a high carrying capacity and would be 100% recyclable. That was more than 5 years ago.

At a dinner, a supply chain manager from a Swiss pharmaceutical company heard about the new insulation material and asked: “Can you build me a container that maintains +2°C to +8°C at more than +60°C on the tarmac in Dubai?”

That was the moment when Nico Ros (Head of R&D) and Richard Ettl (CEO) decided to focus all of their attention on developing the safest possible pharma container system.

2013: SkyCell introduces the 770C.
Even under extreme environmental conditions, such as +68°C on the tarmac in Dubai or –35°C in Russia, the SkyCell 770C’s internal temperature remains at +2°C to +8°C.

Easy to use: rented one-way, door–to–door, to any destination.

2013: Introduction of Online Tools: Transport Planner
In order to clearly show how the system will perform, SkyCell introduced the Transport Planner – the first online tool that accurately predicts container performance. So the question now is not how many hours the container performs under a static test scenario, but under what particular circumstances.

2013: Positioning itself as a problem-solver for emerging markets
Emerging markets have become the growth markets for the pharma companies and since active systems do not work at temperatures warmer than +45°C or colder than –20°C, SkyCell decided to position itself as a problem-solver for emerging markets, where temperatures can be significantly warmer and colder and the infrastructure not as developed as in other regions.

2014: Introduction of SkyCell Temperature Sensors (SCTS)
SkyCell continuously tracks the inside and outside temperature of every SkyCell container throughout its life cycle. With SCTS, SkyCell can monitor the containers in customers’ consignment stocks as well as during transit at important airports, such as GRU airport in Sao Paolo, or can simply provide a readout of the temperature at the end of the trip.

2015: SkyCell introduces the 1500C
The SkyCell 1500C makes use of the same technology but can be loaded using a US pallet or with 1500L of volume. It provides temperature protection under extreme conditions (up to +65°C and down to –35°C) and features permanent inside and outside temperature logging and, in combination with SCTS, live monitoring at selected airports.

Today, the SkyCell 1500C is the lightest single US pallet-loading container on the market and can carry 10 to 20% more payload than an active RKN with a chargeable weight that is 217kg less than an RKN and a CO2 footprint that is up to 30% smaller. The SkyCell 1500C is available as a +2°C to +8°C container. The SkyCell 1500C can also be rented one-way, door-to-door, to any destination and includes ready-to-use delivery to the loading site and reverse logistics.

During its relatively short life, SkyCell has received a number of prestigious awards:

2013 GS1 Swiss logistics Award

2014 IQPC Cool Chain Award for the “safest system on the market”

2014 Swiss Economic Forum and UBS “High-potential SME” quality label.