Introducing  SkyCell 2500 series
– 2 EUR Pal system validated for +160h

SkyCell introduces the 2500 series, a 2 EUR PAL system which is validated for +160h.
The container is built upon the same platform as the 1500 series (1 US PAL or 1 EUR Pal or Loose Load).
It has the same auto-recharge feature – by which it can recharge when in an environment colder than +5°C.


About SkyCell 2500:

  • 2 EUR PAL or loose load (2500liters)
  • validated +160h performance
  • tare weight: 650kg
  • Volumetric weight: 788kg
  • Self-recharging when placed in cool room or reefer

It was our goal to set the benchmark again in terms of performance (longest performing system on a single charge + recharging capability) and weight (lowest weight of any 2 Pal System with more than 120h performance).

CTO Nico Ros: “When my R&D team designs a container, we think about the patient getting life saving treatments, the sensitivity and value of the products to be transported in our containers. It was our goal to set a new benchmark in terms of performance, weight and volumetric weight. We were able to further improve the performance – 160h and more on a single charge and it includes our patented recharge capability, by which the container automatically recharges, when placed in a cold room or reefer instead of having to plug it in. This combination has led to more than 25x better reliability in terms of container performance, than the industry average.“

The containers will be available for C (+2 to +8°C) and CRT (+15 to +25°C) shipments to start with and later on can serve the frozen market as well.
As recently announced our containers are considered the safest in the market, with temperature excursion rate across all container sizes and temperature ranges below 0.3% and ZERO product loss to date, 25x lower than the industry average. Now shipping 2 EU Pals in the 2500 series.

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