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Increasing Pressure on the Supply Chain

Shipping pharma products has always been a complex business and only the fittest and most innovative suppliers, the ones who can provide significant added-value, are likely to survive in the long run.

SkyCell focuses all of its energy on designing and supplying the very safest containers on the market.

We have now started to provide additional services and Smart IT solutions that will also enable customers and freight forwarders to make the decisions that will help them to optimise costs, understand the risks involved and to mitigate those risks.

SkyCell Temperature Sensors (SCTS) track the inside and outside temperature of every SkyCell container throughout its life cycle. With SCTS, SkyCell can monitor the containers in customers’ consignment stocks as well as during transit at important airports, such as GRU airport in Sao Paolo, or can simply provide a readout of the temperature at the end of the trip. For more information and training regarding the use of SCTS for shipments or consignment stock monitoring, please contact us.

SkyCell Transport Planner (SCTP) is a tool that enables cold chain simulation and enables you to perform risk management – giving you the tools to simulate multiple transport scenarios for your pharma supply chain.

SCTP is the first online tool designed to help plan the pharma supply chain based on temperature, infrastructure and safety needs. With the SCTP tool, ambient temperature values can be input to simulate the container’s temperature protection properties. This allows key supply chain design decisions to be made, such as transporting a SkyCell 770C or 1500C container from the warehouse to the airport in a chilled truck in order to ensure that no run time is consumed, which would in turn result in the SkyCell 770C or 1500C container being able to support 5 additional hours on the tarmac in Dubai at 47°C.

The SkyCell Transport Planner is the next step in pharma supply chain design. Simulate the Trip. Know the Risk – Mitigate that Risk.

For further information please contact Thomas Taroni, Head of IT at SkyCell.