Mastering the unique challenges in every market

One of SkyCell’s core aims is to address the challenges of shipping to and from emerging markets by ‘mastering the unique challenges in every market’.

We already have extensive expertise in Latin America, which is cited to be one of the biggest challenges for our industry, through a combination of in house expertise and strategic partnerships, which result in a reliable, superior supply chain infrastructure.

The plans are now in development to realise this core aim and expand even further into all corners of the globe – we’re going to be building regional teams and expertise, decentralised from our Zurich HQ to really allow this to happen, as there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach.

Although, it’s not just about unlocking these challenging regions. We want to get closer to our customers and being where they are to provide not just shipment containers services but the planning, execution and supply chain management that you rely on.

Over the coming months, we’ll be looking for the right people to build up these regional capabilities and help strengthen the life sciences temperature controlled supply chain. Keep up to date with us:

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We’re always interested to hear what barriers you’re facing, any regions that are particularly challenging or impossible to enter? Get in touch and let us know!


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