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Challenges in Emerging Markets

“In order to supply the fast-growing emerging markets, you need to understand and master the unique challenges presented by each market – there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach.”

Supplying the fast-growing emerging markets, such as LATAM, is significantly more challenging than servicing other markets. A recent study by SkyCell found that there were significantly more temperature deviations occurring in LATAM distribution than in many other markets.

Emerging markets have long been regarded as the “promised land” of the pharmaceutical industry. They are expected to account for nearly one third of the global pharmaceutical market by 2016 and it is anticipated that they will play a key role in ensuring the sustainable growth of the industry.

However, while these regions may offer huge untapped potential, they are not all at the same stage of development, especially when it comes to their healthcare infrastructure. For this reason, there can be no “one-size-fits-all” approach to the emerging markets.

Given these different stages of development, it is important to distinguish between the markets in which the pharmaceutical companies want to expand their presence in the short term and those that are currently on the back burner. Then there is the challenge of defining effective business strategies for each different market segment and the appropriate time lines. By failing to do this, many organisations have, in the past, suffered from a loss of both revenue and confidence. These harsh lessons from the past should not be forgotten, as they provide the foundations upon which to build success in the future.

SkyCell decided to put a strong focus on the emerging markets. We have setup door-to-door processes in all of Latin America, large parts of the Middle East (such as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) and Asia. We help customers and their freight forwarders to analyze the supply chain setup, identify the pain points, create joint solutions and help to implement them. Through this process we have eliminated temperature excursions for our customers and help to achieve significant improvement in service level and cost savings.


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