“High–Potential” Label by Swiss Economics Forum

SkyCell has been awarded the prestigious “High-Potential SME” quality label by the Swiss Economic Forum and UBS under their joint Growth Initiative.

Although it is still relatively young, SkyCell has already earned itself a significant reputation in the logistics sector, particularly through its development of a new generation of temperature-controlled containers.

SkyCell has been making bigger and bigger waves throughout the logistics sector since its foundation in November 2012. Having commenced operations with an innovative new container solution, the start-up company has already gone on to earn two industry distinctions: the 2013 Swiss Logistic Award and the 2014 Cool Chain Excellence Award.

In securing its latest such distinction – the Swiss Economic Forum’s “High-Potential SME” quality label, which is bestowed by an interdisciplinary panel of experts and entrepreneurs, SkyCell has further underlined the vast growth potential available to this still-young company. SkyCell is well aware of this potential and of the significance of this latest industry distinction, which was also certified by the SQS.

At the heart of SkyCell’s activities is a highly innovative solution for the logistics sector which, through the application of specialist technology, enables the interior temperature of a container to be kept constant for over 200 hours, even with extreme outside temperatures of between -35° and +65°C. This landmark logistics advance has proved extremely popular not only with the pharmaceuticals industry, but also with other sectors that need to transport temperature-sensitive items.

SkyCell’s new-generation containers are also 50% lighter than their predecessors, a feature which permits sizeable cost savings and offers users a vital competitive edge in the dynamic and fiercely-contested logistics sector.

And the technology sets new benchmarks with its environmental credentials too: the new containers are 100% recyclable.

“We are delighted at this latest confirmation of our performance and achievements,” says SkyCell CEO Richard Ettl of the High-Potential SME award. “And we intend to use this recognized quality label as an incentive to further intensify our marketing endeavours over the next few months and to enable many more customers to benefit from all the advantages of this outstanding logistics product.”

SkyCell is currently putting a particular business focus on the rapidly-growing emerging markets, whose climatic conditions often present particular challenges to logistics operations. In Brazil, for instance, the company is working closely with airlines, forwarders and pharmaceuticals firms to develop a seamless door-to-door solution. SkyCell is also further expanding its global sales and operations infrastructure to ensure that it is optimally equipped and positioned to meet specific local needs.

Please contact Richard Ettl, CEO