Air Cargo Europe 2019 is already history again and we would like to thank you for the insightful discussions.

For all those who couldn’t participate, we have summarized the four key take-home messages:

1) Increasing requirement for quality and regulatory compliance in supply chain

Global pharmaceutical companies are shifting their focus towards biologics, which are particularly temperature-sensitive. Therefore, the regulatory environment is becoming more and more complex, which means that supply chains must be absolutely robust. In order to counteract this complexity and create worldwide quality standards, the connection between quality and technology is increasingly being made in cold chain logistics.

2) New standards of transparency and visibility

Specialized software and IoT become the backbone of quality protection and enable seamless monitoring and tracking. At the same time, the new systems shed light on the black box and measure internal performance, thus creating greater transparency about temperature excursions.

3) Reducing the carbon footprint

Airlines, freight forwarders and solution providers are developing a wide range of environment-friendly initiatives. New aircraft technologies, weight reduction and reusable packaging solutions are just a few examples. The pharmaceutical logistics industry is aiming for a more efficient and sustainable supply chain.

4) Liability in case of temperature deviation

Cold chain management remains a challenge for the pharma supply chain. However, all service suppliers systematically rule out liability for product loss due to temperature deviations. This is a problem for pharma companies as the value of pharmaceuticals is increasing continuously. Consequently, there is a need for product liability insurances. For this reason, SkyCell added its new Peace of Mind – Temperature Insurance addon. This is an industry novelty that no one else is offering. Would you like to know more? Get in touch with us!