20’000 pallets capacity and growing

SkyCell reaches 20’000 pallets capacity per year, ahead of the end of year quarter, a period of frequent capacity shortages in the industry.

More and more pharmaceutical companies distributing biologics, vaccines and biosimilars decide to move forward on their temperature-controlled container solutions and switch from traditional active to innovative SkyCell hybrid containers. The motivation is to say “No to temperature excursions“.

By doing this, they generate higher reliability to transport their very sensitive products. Other relevant factors are total cost savings of up to 20% and reducing their CO2 footprint of up to 50%. Only SkyCell can move on all three elements at the same time.

This brings SkyCell to constantly increase capacity, now reaching 20’000 pallets per year.

The market for temperature-controlled shipments is growing steadily due to several reasons:

  • more temperature-sensitive products reach the market
  • higher regulatory scrutiny
  • impact of global warming with extreme weather conditions
  • the need of pharma companies to reach regions and emerging markets with more extreme weather conditions

To serve its clients in the best possible way and avoid any capacity shortages, SkyCell has decided to speed up its growth plan adding 1’000 pallets capacity on top each month. Process automation and SkyCell’s industry leading service quality standards are the prerequisite to scale while maintaining the excursion level below 0.1%.